€3.3 million to set up ingredient team in Denmark

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The team will work as part of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration with the aim to help the food companies.

Posted on May 02 ,00:03

€3.3 million to set up ingredient team in Denmark

€3.3 million have been allocated by the Danish government to create a completely new ingredient team in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. "Developing new properties in food and feed can help saturate more mouths in the future and reduce the environmental impact of world food production", informs the Ministry for Environment and Food.
The money will be used over the next four years to support the Danish ingredient industry as part of the Growth Team for the Ingredients industry's recommendations to the Government from January 2019.
"The Danish ingredients companies can help solve some very food-related challenges, which are both about health and environmental impact. The industry is already researching sustainable solutions, which can lead to production with lower CO2 emissions, for example", explained minister Jakob Ellemann-Jensen. The money for the government strategy should be used to support the development of the ingredient industry, including approvals and the marketing of new products, further develop the export of ingredients and attract foreign investment.
Among other things, the Government will establish an ingredient team in the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. The team will be a "one-stop shop" for the ingredients companies and assist them in finding solutions to the challenges that businesses can face when it comes to producing new innovative ingredients.
At this time, Denmark ingredients exports are worth €3.5 billion.

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