400,000 tonnes of pork to be imported by the Philippines

The duties have decreased from 30% to 5% for three months and that started a "pork rush" in the i...

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UK's pork production jump 15%

UK pig meat production was exceptionally strong in March, with output reaching 97,900 tonnes duri...

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Pig herd reduction in Thailand

Live exports and disease outbreaks are impacting the country's swine inventory.

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Mexican pig prices jump, grains also

Prices of grains, most of which are imported, have risen 50% in cost, significantly impacting pig...

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Danish Crown foresee increased demand for pork in China

"I actually think there is pressure right now like in the fall of 2019, where it also went real...

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China imported 460,000 tonnes of pork in March

The figure represents an all-time high for the Asian country and the situation has appeared as ne...

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Vietnam resumes pork exports in Asia

In recent years, the Department of Animal Health has actively supported, instructed in great deta...

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ASF crisis in Romania to keep the pig farming under pressure

Last year, the country's swine inventory declined by 2.6%, according to USDA data.

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English pork processors seek Gov support

Exports to China from the units impacted by COVID-19 outbreaks have not been resumed.

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Pig prices in Frances gets to €1.35

Feed prices have jumped and that makes farmers nervous.

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