ASF outbreak in Haiti

Hygiene & Biosecurity

The disease has spread from the Dominican Republic to the other nation on the same islands.

Posted on Sep 22 ,11:28

ASF outbreak in Haiti

Pig producers in the Americas are in a state of alert after an ASF outbreak was reported this week in Haiti, a country that shares the same island with the Dominican Republic. Apparently, the disease has crossed the border to the neighboring nation, infecting pigs in small farms.
As major players in the global market, Brazil, the US, Canada and Mexico have intensified their measures to prevent ASF from entering their borders. USDA has placed stricter rules for the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, territories under the American flag, while the other countries have increased border controls for products of animal origin and launched communication campaigns for pig farmers and the general public.
"The Ministry of Agriculture went ahead of the agenda and intensified inspections at the country's main ports of entry, preventing the entry of meat products. Going further, the Ministry of Agriculture established legislation even more restrictive to the entry of these products, signed an intercountry emergency agreement for the prevention of PSA and installed a national campaign that raised awareness, in an effort that included the ABPA, the auditors tax authorities and other entities in the sector," said Sulivan Alves, Technical Director with the Brazilian Association of Animal Protein (ABPA).
21 associations from 18 American countries are working together to prevent the virus from spreading across Americas.

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