Australia remains the largest exporter of goatmeat


The value of Australian goatmeat exports totaled $112.3 million in 2020, down 38% from 2019 levels.

Posted on Mar 19 ,12:03

Australia remains the largest exporter of goatmeat


Australian goat production eased for the third year in a row, totalling 16,357 tonnes carcase weight (cwt). However, this was somewhat offset by an increase in average carcase weights, which lifted 10% year-on-year, to 15.6kg/head in 2020.
According to Food and Agriculture Organisation data, Australia is not a large producer of goatmeat globally but is the biggest player in the global goat meat trade. Australia exported approximately 95% of production in 2020, with exports totalling 14,147 tonnes shipped weight (swt). The US received 60% of Australian exports in 2020, with Taiwan, South Korea, Trinidad and Tobago and Canada also representing important markets.
Live goat exports accounted for only 5% of total export value in 2020, totalling $3.9 million. After reaching record levels in 2019, goat over-the-hooks prices remained historically high in 2020, peaking at 917¢/kg cwt in early March and averaging 819¢/kg for the year. Prices stabilised in late May and tracked below year-ago levels for the remainder of 2020.
Goatmeat is widely consumed globally but remains a niche protein in many markets. Per capita consumption of goatmeat varies greatly between countries, with culture and local production being major factors influencing diet. Population growth and increasing household wealth underpin a positive outlook for global red meat consumption, though unfamiliarity and availability of goatmeat remain major barriers to new consumers.

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