Aviagen opens Argentinian subsidiary


The company wants to exploit the domestic demand for poultry.

Posted on Jan 25 ,13:03

Aviagen opens Argentinian subsidiary

Aviagen has opened a subsidiary in Argentina to capitalize on the domestic demand for chicken meat. Currently, Argentinians have put aside the beef and are showing a major interest for poultry and pork. Located in the province of San Juan and composed of a grandparent's farm, a breeder hatchery and a feed factory, Aviagen Argentina becomes the first independent poultry operation with integrations with local production in the country. With a production capacity of 2.5 million birds per year, the new company will supply the domestic market with Ross birds.
Ross birds are highly popular in Argentina and throughout Latin America, benefiting poultry producers through strong viability, high meat yield, a healthy growth rate and high resistance to environments.
Luis Cesio, Aviagen's business manager in South America, excluding Brazil (SAEB), explained that the poultry market in Argentina continues to grow, with consumption of around 50 kilos per capita/year. He added that Argentina is ideal for chicken production, as it has a good environment and biosafety conditions, combined with a qualified workforce. “Aviagen remains committed to the poultry industry in Latin America and Argentina, and the Ross brand is highly regarded in the country's poultry market, with a total accommodation of 8 million head/ year. The need for high-quality matrices continues to rise, which is why our company is now extending its global reach to Argentina, with a production of high-quality matrices close to the markets where we operate, ” he declared for the AviNews magazine.


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