Belgium: Exit program for pig farmers has been delayed


The start of the Flemish buy-out program for pig farms with high nitrogen emissions, originally planned for this autumn, has been delayed because the EU Commission has not yet completed the review of the program.

Posted on Oct 24 ,03:00

Belgium: Exit program for pig farmers has been delayed

Due to the tense economic situation in pig farming, the Flemish farmers' association is quickly demanding clarity for the farms.
This summer, the government of the Belgian region of Flanders decided on a voluntary phase-out program for pig farmers. Pig farms that have a noticeable impact on the surrounding nature with their emissions should be bought up via the program for around €200 million. The government determined that around 900 farms or 25% of Flemish pig farmers are eligible for a subsidized production phase-out.

Meanwhile, the Flemish Farmers' Association explained that the EU Commission could probably criticize inadmissible state aid with regard to the design of the purchase program. Farmers urgently need clarity about the conditions and the planned compensation , demanded Lode Ceyssens President of the Flemish Farmers' Association. For a number of people who no longer see a future for their businesses, this could be an opportunity to exit the sector in a socially responsible way, he explained. The reduction in nitrogen emissions achieved through the purchase program should count towards future targets for the pig sector, Ceyssens demanded.

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