Chile is the main buyer of the Paraguayan meat in 2022

Although in 2022 Paraguayan meat had 51 active destinations, a high dependence on a few markets was once again observed. Chile was the main buyer of the Paraguayan meat and had a 40% share of the total. That is, 4 out of every 10 kilograms of Paraguayan meat exported last year.

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Chile is the main buyer of the Paraguayan meat in 2022

The top five destinations are Chile, Russia, Brazil, Taiwan and Israel and these had an 85.6% share, leaving the remaining 14.4% distributed among the other 46 active markets in 2022.

According to the statistics of the National Animal Health and Quality Service (SENACSA), between January and December 2022, 333,700 tons of beef were exported and the main markets were Chile with a 40% share, Russia with 18.5%, Brazil with 11 7%, Taiwan 11.1%, Israel 4.3% and the rest (46 markets) with 14.4% incidence.

From the Rural Association of Paraguay (ARP) it was stated repeatedly that there is a great need to create a public policy to position Paraguayan meat by quality and work on the opening of strategic markets. In the last decade, Paraguay has positioned itself internationally based on prices and the lack of positioning based on quality is depriving it of the opportunity to access better prices. The creation of a Paraguayan Meat Institute is essential to begin to reverse this trend.

Paraguay is among the 10 largest meat exporters in the world; however, it is absent from the four largest buyers, which are China, the United States, Japan and South Korea, countries that account for 63% of global purchases of the product.

It is necessary to open up markets and target mainly Continental China, which is the world's main buyer of meat. Being absent in this destination represents a great disadvantage in relation to competing countries in the international market; mainly the countries of the Region: Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

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