China bans pork imports from Bulgaria

Hygiene & Biosecurity

Products that have already been delivered are to be returned or destroyed due to the fear of ASF.

Posted on Oct 09 ,09:52

China bans pork imports from Bulgaria

Pig imports from Bulgaria along with pork products originated from this country are banned in China starting from this week, according to an announcement made by the Chinese Customs Administration. The ban also targets pork products delivered recently who are to be returned or destroyed, according to the Chinese Authorities.
The measure was taken after Bulgaria reported its first case of African Swine Fever outbreak. China is already confronted with the disease and it's taken severe measures to protect its livestock.
Visitors that are entering the country have been asked to report their pork-containing foods and these items are to be sealed or destroyed.
Inside the country, Chinese local authorities have banned the local transportation of pigs to or from the provinces affected by the outbreaks and several other adjacent regions.
China's national pig herd is around 433 million heads, accounting for more than 50% of global pig population, and the industry is worth $128 billion. ASF outbreaks have been registered in Africa and Europe. There is no vaccine for the disease and even if the virus doesn't affect humans it can impact the sector with severe economic effects.


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