Cow Facial Recognition Technology is the newest trend for Cargill


The digital technology is allowing the company to determine and increase the productivity of dairy and beef cows.

Posted on Feb 13 ,07:00

Cow Facial Recognition Technology is the newest trend for Cargill

The acquisition of a minority stake in Cainthus has put Cargill on the path with the latest digital technology in the cattle business. Cainthus is an Irish startup who intends to use machine-learning and imaging technologies identify cows an gather information about their behaviour.
David Hunt, co-founder of Cainthus, explained to Bloomberg that the technology used in this process is based on digital cameras for the software and monitors activity without wearable devices. "We are enthused about what this partnership will mean for farmers across the world. We think this partnership will be a game changer for farmers because it will allow them to efficiently scale their business", declared Hunt after Cargill decided to backup his idea.
The video images captured are used to identify individual animals based on hidden patterns and facial recognition, and tracks key data such as food and water intake, heat detection and behaviour patterns. The software can then alert farmers if a problem arises.
For now, Cargill and Cainthus are focused on global cow production sector but they also intend to expand this program on other business like swine, poultry and aqua.

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