Disruptive Food&Agriculture startups to exhibit in London


The first FoodBytes! event to be held in London is bringing together ideas such as packaging innovation and novel food waste applications.

Posted on Aug 06 ,14:00

Disruptive Food&Agriculture startups to exhibit in London

FoodBytes!, a contest for Food&Agriculture startups created by Rabobank, is to be held in London this year, on September 13 and is bringing together ideas such as packaging innovation and novel food waste applications.
Twenty selected sustainable Food & Agriculture startups will demonstrate product innovation, commercial viability and all have one common denominator – a focus on sustainability throughout the supply chain through pioneering new products and technologies. FoodBytes! offers the opportunity for these selected entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations in front of investors, corporates and media, as well as receive mentorship from industry leaders.
From precision agriculture to packaging innovation and new products who can reduce food waste, the competitors are ready to promote their ideas.
Nick Fereday, Executive Director - Food & Consumer Trends at Rabobank and FoodBytes! London judge commented: “This is Rabobank’s first FoodBytes! event in London and we are blown away by the calibre of the presenting companies that are developing technologies and products to disrupt the food system, whether it is to improve the transparency of the supply chain or bring alternative proteins to the market.”
Between the startups that were nominated to present their innovations at FoodBytes! are:
- ViroVet (Agtech) – Dedicated to the development of disruptive and innovative technologies for the control of viral diseases in livestock;
- SwissDeCode (Food Tech) – Its DNAFoil line is the world’s first portable, completely self-administered, on-site DNA detection kit, allowing staff to confirm product integrity in 30 minutes without lab delays;
- TIPA (Food Tech) – Fully compostable flexible packaging solutions that will fully return back to nature in compost conditions within 180 days;
- EggXYt (Agtech) – Makes it possible for farmers to count their chickens before they hatch by using a biomarker on the male chromosome of a chicken embryo, making its sex detectable once an egg is laid. EggXYt is saving billions of dollars and unnecessary chick-death;
- SafetyNet Technologies (Food Tech) – Works with fishing industry stakeholders to design and build light-emitting devices that increase the selectivity of commercial fishing practices, reducing over-fishing and bycatch and making the industry more sustainable;
- Sea Chips (CPG) – Upcycles often-wasted nutrient packed salmon skin into handcrafted crisps and donates 10% of profits to ocean charities to help keep the sea clean.

FoodBytes! is a next-generation pitch competition that aims to discover the most ground-breaking food and agriculture startups and provide them with the mentorship and connections they need to grow. Since launching in 2015, 210 startups have pitched on the FoodBytes! stage, 1,700+ startups have applied from 40 countries and more than 3,800 people have attended events in North America, Europe and Australia. FoodBytes! is part of Rabobank’s Startup Innovation initiative and is led by a global team based in New York City and Utrecht, The Netherlands.

(Photo source: Food Bytes World)

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