European retailers are boycotting Brazilian beef


Beef products coming from Brazil are considered to be linked to the destruction of Amazon forests. JBS is taking "one for the team".

Posted on Dec 22 ,05:08

European retailers are boycotting Brazilian beef

Six European supermarket chains announced they are going to stop selling Brazilian beef in several countries due to the scandal that links farming practices to the destruction of Amazon forests. JBS is one of the Brazilian companies that will suffer most from this move. Supermarket chain Lidl Netherlands has committed to stop selling all Brazilian beef from 2022. Most of the boycotted products are linked to the world's largest meat producer, JBS SA.
Also, a halt in importing Brazilian beef or some of the products was announced by Albert Heijn, a subsidiary of Ahold Delhaize and the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands, Auchan France, Carrefour Belgium and J Sainsbury Plc and Sainsbury's UK.
The boycotts are in response to an investigation by Reporter Brasil which concluded that JBS was indirectly sourcing cattle from illegally deforested areas under a program known as "cattle washing," writes Reuter.
This happens when cattle raised on an illegally deforested plot of land are sold on a legal farm before being sold to a slaughterhouse to hide their origin.
JBS told Reuters it does not tolerate illegal deforestation and has blocked more than 14,000 suppliers for not following the rules. The company said monitoring intermediate suppliers - those ahead of the final slaughterhouse vendor - is a sector-wide challenge, but JBS will introduce a system that will be able to do so by 2025.

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