Germany reports strong sales of pork in the EU


The country is filling the gaps left in the single market by other major exporters to third countries, such as Spain and Denmark.

Posted on Mar 05 ,10:15

Germany reports strong sales of pork in the EU

German pig prices rose this week to 1.40 per kilogram of slaughter weight from 1.30 last week, said the association of German animal breeders VEZG, quoted by Reuters. Even the country has lost important export markets in Asia, a decline of 12% in pig production in Italy and increased demand for pork from Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria seems to offset the situation created by the ASF outbreak in the wild boar population in Germany.
Prices in mid-February rose to 1.21, with markets recovering after German pork import bans following the discovery of African swine fever (FSA) in the country and after the reduction of slaughterhouse capacity after outbreaks of coronavirus.

China and other Asian countries banned imports of German pork in September 2020 after the ASF was found on a wild boar in eastern Germany, rather than on a farm animal, causing pig prices to fall. This led to a trade shift, with other EU countries increasing exports to China, while German sales to Europe increased.
"There is a good volume of German pork sales to other parts of the EU, as exports from other European countries to China and other parts of Asia are increasing. Spain and Denmark appear to be making big sales to Asia after Germany was pushed out of the market and Germany is filling the gaps in Europe," said a German trader for the source mentioned above.
Germany was hit by two shock-waves last year, one represented by the COVID-19 outbreaks in several slaughterhouses and the other one by the ban applied in Asian markets after the discovery of the ASF virus in wild boars. For the last quarter of 2020, the volume of pig meat that remained in the country was 350,000 tonnes, according to an estimate from AGHDB. For this year, 450,000 tonnes of pork are expected to be delivered by Germany in the EU single market.

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