Global meat prices report a year-over-year increase in January

The FAO food price index has been stable in January 2018 from December 2017 and reported a modest increase of 0.2 points to 169.5 points, meaning a 3% decline compared to the previous year, according to AHDB trainee analyst, Abigail Schofield.

Posted on Feb 08 ,15:09

Global meat prices report a year-over-year increase in January


The AHDB analyst says the meat price index was up by 0.3 points to 170.06, but it increased by 7% compared to the corresponding period from last year.

Furthermore, due to strong demand especially from Asia and the Middle East, the sheep market rose.

Meanwhile, reduced supply for Oceania translated to slight increases in beef meat prices.

Pig meat and poultry products fell slightly as export availabilities exceeded import demand.


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