IAWS: Continuous Improvement Tool

Animal welfare

The Spanish white pork sector seeks to continuously improve in all those advances that are required from the Green Deal.

Posted on Jun 02 ,08:59

IAWS: Continuous Improvement Tool

Companies in the Spanish white pork sector have been progressing and improving for years in providing better living conditions for animals through a profound transformation of farms: limiting the maximum size, generating optimal conditions of space, food, rest and development, and establishing specific biosecurity plans.
In this sense, animal welfare labeling and certification systems are proliferating in Europe. Some remain in the field of the farm, without considering transport or what happens in the slaughterhouse, others incorporate food safety or biosecurity, but no regulation is as complete as the one we are now addressing, the Animal Welfare and Biosafety Technical Regulation, Interporc Animal Welfare Spain (IAWS) and its corresponding certification seal: 'Welfare Commitment Certified'.
The Technical Regulation has been prepared by experts from the production and industry of the sector,and is evaluated by a Scientific Committee of high-level experts in animal welfare, responsible for the application of changes and improvements which definesit as adynamic and constantly evolving certification.
Compliance with the requirements makes the operators comply with the legal requirements of national and European regulations, as well as others that go further, which is an extra requirement and allows continuous progress in those areas of the certification.
The system establishes that all the requirements are met in order to obtain the certificate, so those operators that cannot comply with any of them must present and comply with corrective actions. This leads to a continuous improvement of the deficiencies that these operators previously presented, making them progress and improve their facilities and procedures.
With this Regulation and certification seal that the sector itself imposes, the Spanish white pork sector seeks to continuously improve in all those advances that are required from the Green Deal, and continue with its place as an international leader of what is known as 'modern livestock': professionalized, innovative, respectful of the sensitivity and needs of animals and focused on reducing environmental impact and caring for the environment. Furthermore, INTERPORC has developed an Independent Dialogue to communicate to the “UN Food Systems Summit Dialogues” the decisive role of the livestock-meat production:
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