INTERPORC and MAPA prepare a new biosafety awarness campaign

Hygiene & Biosecurity

In line with the awareness-raising work being carried out by the Interprofesional INTERPORC, together with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA), they have agreed to create a new campaign of communication.

Posted on Aug 19 ,04:42

INTERPORC and MAPA prepare a new biosafety awarness campaign

The first campaign called 'Feeding wild animals is NOT natural' , was aimed at citizens to remind them of the importance of not feeding these animals on their own, and in this, the messages will be transferred to professionals in the swine sector (farmers, veterinarians, commercial and industrial carriers).

On this occasion, the INTERPORC Scientific Committee on Animal Health will produce two informative videos. One focused on the detection of the disease on farms recognize it as soon as possible, signs and first forms of action, as well as immediate notification to official veterinarians (SVO).

The second video will address prevention measures and explain the possible routes of entry of the virus: transport of live animals, entry of waste or contaminated human food products, cleaning and disinfection, or the risk of a wild boar entry.

Since the detection of the first outbreaks in Europe and, above all, since its detection in Germany two years ago, the Interprofessional has carried out several communication actions to emphasize that "it is everyone's job to take extreme precautions and keep our country free from this disease.

To this end, it has carried out initiatives such as the preparation and distribution of posters with biosafety measures, as well as direct actions to raise awareness among agents in the sector and society through internal communications and publications on social networks and in different media.

In addition, it has implemented information campaigns specifically aimed at workers from other countries, mainly from Eastern Europe, conveying the importance of avoiding bringing products of animal origin from their country, such as meat and meat products.

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