India's consumption of meat and eggs "very low", study finds


The country ranks among the world's top producers of poultry and eggs but is still lagging behind the intake recommended by the Indian Council of medical research.

Posted on Aug 23 ,09:54

India's consumption of meat and eggs "very low", study finds

India's poultry sector is growing at a constant rate of 7% per year, with the country ranking third and fourth place in the world in terms of egg and chicken meat production, respectively. Still, meat and egg consumption per capita is far low against the recommendations of the Indian Council of medical research (ICMR) as a recent study revealed.
The findings were presented n the one-day workshop titled "Strategies to augment the potential and opportunities on export of poultry egg and meat" hosted by the Tamil Nadu veterinary and animal science university, informs Deccan Chronicle.
The council recommends for Indians consumers to reach 10.5 kilos of poultry meat and 180 eggs per annum. Each person consumes just 3.5 kilos of meat and 30 eggs. "Our country's poultry industry grows at an average of seven percent to eight percent and we are placed in the fourth place in chicken meat production and in terms of egg India ranks third place in the world. Per capita consumption in India is far low against the recommendations of ICMR. This needs to be improved," mentioned the vice-chancellor for the Tamil Nadu veterinary and animal science university Dr. C. Balachandaran. In his opinion, domestic consumption must be stimulated as India is facing tough competition in the markets abroad from other big players.
"India faces competition from Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and few other countries having vast production, processing facility and also the raw material costs are lesser compared to us", he added referring to poultry exports.

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