Ireland is boiling. Farmers on the streets

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"Farmers won’t accept being offered up as a sacrificial lamb to the Green Party to keep the Government in office," said IFA President Tim Cullinan.

Posted on Oct 12 ,08:31

Ireland is boiling. Farmers on the streets

Four regional rallies across Ireland show discontent among farmers against the Government due to political compromise made in the last few weeks. "The clear message is that farmers are frustrated and angry at the way they are being treated by our Government. Farmers won’t accept being offered up as a sacrificial lamb to the Green Party to keep the Government in office. Farmers feel that our Government wants to regulate them out of business. Every policy, including those on climate action, CAP and the Nitrates Action Plan, is designed to reduce production, ” IFA President Tim Cullinan said.
He added that Irish farmers are willing to take part in a climate action designed to create a sustainable model for all businesses involved but not in a plan that will generate losses for their families. "Farm families are being subjected to policies driven by regulation, restriction and reduction without any heed to its impact on farm family income and overall economic impact. Farmers are aware of climate action and are willing to play their part. “Farmers cannot understand why our Government flatly refuses to sit down with their elected leaders to make a plan for the sector that will allay their concerns and give them confidence that there is a long-term future for farming. If there’s a forum for employers and unions on the future of the economy, there’s no reason why there cannot be one for farming," Mr. Cullinan said.

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