Kazakh company invests in poultry unit from Marel

Aitas recently inaugurated the Makinsky Poultry Factory (MPF) in a bid to reduce the country's dependence on poultry imports.

Posted on Jul 02 ,12:10

Kazakh company invests in poultry unit from Marel

Kazakhstan imports almost half of the poultry consumed in the domestic market but that may change in the following years as one of the largest companies in the country decided to invest in a modern poultry processing unit.
"At this moment Kazakhstan is importing some 150,000 tons of poultry meat. This includes frozen legs from the USA and frozen grillers from Russia and Belarus. Our main goal is to replace these imports. Our new MPF poultry processing plant will have a considerable influence on the market," explained Serik Tolukpaev, founder and owner of Aitas.
The MPF greenfield plant will process an hourly throughput of 9,000 broilers [150 bpm] thanks to an exclusive combination of Marel Poultry systems and solutions. A GP System handles the live birds. After shackling, broilers are sedated electrically in a Water Bath Stunner. They are then scalded, plucked and eviscerated using Marel Poultry equipment. The technically sophisticated evisceration department boasts a VOC 24 combined vent cutter and opener, a Nuova 20 eviscerator, a Neck Skin Inspection Machine, a Neck Cracker and an Inside/Outside Washer. Thanks to the integrated viscera pack shackle transfer in the Nuova, giblets can be harvested fully automatically. This is done using an intestine/gall bladder remover, a liver harvester, a gizzard harvester and a heart/lung separator. Chicken feet are processed on their own separate line, which includes a Feet Scalder, a Feet Skinner and a Paddle Chiller.
For the moment, MPF is preparing a strategy to approach the Kazakh consumer as the fresh poultry market is new to this region. "Our company has a long tradition of supplying quality products, a tradition which we’ll build upon in our new processing plant. The consumption of chicken meat is growing steadily in Kazakhstan, and supermarkets and QSRs are becoming increasingly important customers for us. The marketplaces of conurbations such as Astana and Karaganda, each with over one million consumers, are very interesting," added Mr. Tolukpaev.
The investor made a clear choice on air chilling systems instead of water chilling. Today, many sellers offer frozen products containing chilling water. All key MPF products, however, are air chilled and not frozen. This means our products don’t contain additional water, are clean and will be far more attractive to customers. They are fresher and actually tastier," says Serik Tolukpaev. MPF uses a Marel Poultry DownFlow Plus chilling tunnel.


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