Kemin unveils a new food safety solution for meat products

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Kemin Industries has launched NaturCEASE, a new food safety solution for processed meats to meet the growing consumer demand for natural food products without artifical ingredients.

Posted on Jan 25 ,10:12

Kemin unveils a new food safety solution for meat products

NaturCEASE Dry is a clean-label combination of buffered vinegar and natural plant extracts developed to keep processed meat products safe and fresh.

"Meat spoilage can be divided into two criteria: oxidative rancidity and microbial spoilage. Both have a sensory impact and an impact on colour, but, more importantly, microbial contamination affects meat safety," said Anja Verbiest, Customer Laboratory Services and Quality Assurance Manager, Kemin Food Technologies – EMEA.

The company said its new product controls spoilage bacteria while also maintaining the bright red color and fresh flavour of processed meat products.

"Our NaturCEASE Dry solution offers a total freshness package. It's user-friendly for customers and provides the needed convenience they seek," said Kelly De Vadder, Marketing Manager, Kemin Food Technologies – EMEA.

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