Live pig prices are jumping in Germany


In just one week, the price has increased by €0.25/kg and stands now at €1.75.

Posted on Mar 18 ,12:42

Live pig prices are jumping in Germany

Inside the EU, large increases in the prices of pigs are visible, with Germany reaching a record of €0.25/kg added in just one week, according to VEZG quotations. In the last few weeks, €0.55 has been added to the quotation of fattening pigs. Rising livestock prices are the result of the lifting of restrictions after the Covid-19 pandemic, seasonal preparations for the barbecue season and a weaker supply of livestock resulting from the reduction in the number of pigs and production after many months of losses by farmers. Unfortunately, increases in livestock prices go hand in hand with increases in feed, energy and fuel prices and uncertainty about the further impact of the war in Ukraine on the European economy.
Not at a similar pace but going upwards, increases in prices of pigs compared to last week were reported in Belgium (€0.21), the Netherlands and Austria (€0.18), Spain (€0.08), France (€0.06) and Denmark (€0.03). Discussions about a limit in pork exports inside the EU have started in Germany, Spain and Belgium as the governments are taking into consideration the food security for the following months.

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