MAJA presented a new portion control meat slicing system


The machine is dedicated for both big producers and medium-sized companies that portion a great deal of meat.

Posted on Mar 27 ,11:17

MAJA presented a new portion control meat slicing system

MAJA-Maschinenfabrik has presented at Anuga FoodTec 2018 the new FP 240 system for slicing applications of fresh or frozen meat cuts from pork, beef, veal, lamb and poultry.
The universal portioning machine is characterized by a high degree of flexibility for equal-weight slicing of schnitzel and steaks, but also of big but very thin slices for beef rolls, equally sized meat cubes etc.
The system allows even bone-in pork chops to be portioned, an advantage given by its wide application range. The flexibility of MAJA FP 240 to save time and acquire a consistent product quality. In addition, seasonal amounts can be flexibly responded to and customer wishes met.

With a speed of up to 240 cuts per minute, the FP 240 is very fast. It produces uniform portions with an attractive cut and uniform cutting width. The product is fed via a rotating chamber system that reduces idle time, thus virtually guaranteeing non-interrupted production. This feed process was also designed for maximum operator safety.

Different shapes of infeed moulds can be inserted in one portioning set ring, depending on the meat cuts to be portioned as defined by the customer. This allows the portioning of different types of products with minimum setup times.

The system has a modern servo-drive and control technology which eliminates the use of compressed air during the process. Also, the use of the machine is simplified by the digital technology inserted in the system. After log-on, the operator selects cutting according to “best weight” or “best yield”, that is, with no remnants.

At the Anuga FoodTec, MAJA also presented a robot-based flexible packaging solution in line with the FP 240, which is able to automate the follow-up process of tray loading.

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