Meat snacks added in Cherkizovo's portfolio of products


Sales of meat snacks in Russia have increased by roughly 30% per year, with growth rates set to remain high going forward.

Posted on Mar 08 ,11:18

Meat snacks added in Cherkizovo's portfolio of products

Cherkizovo is ready to launch a range of meat snacks in the Russian market, as it believes the products may increase sales for the group. The company will launch the sale of its new meat snack product range in spring marketed under the rapidly growing Cherkizovo Premium brand. With double-digit growth rates, this product category is gaining momentum among Russian consumers.
Pilot sales of Cherkizovo Premium meat snacks are set to start this spring, with mass-market sales in the Russian retail segment scheduled for autumn. The product mix was developed based on consumer preferences and broken down into three groups: pork, chicken, and turkey snacks. Meat snacks are made of cured and dried meat and intended as an easy solution to satisfy mild hunger. According to recent studies, sales of meat snacks in Russia have increased by roughly 30% per year, with growth rates set to remain high going forward.
In line with market demand, Cherkizovo Premium snacks come in the form of long thin cured sausages (fuet). They are produced from natural spices and top-quality meat supplied from the Company’s own farms. The snacks contain no soybeans or genetically modified organisms.
“Cherkizovo Group made a decision to expand its product portfolio by adding a range of delicious and handy meat snacks. Thanks to a large amount of animal protein, they boast excellent nutritious properties and suit a wide variety of consumption patterns. Cherkizovo Premium snacks are produced to a specially developed recipe with a high protein and low-fat content,” commented Anastasia Mikhailova, Head of Communications at Cherkizovo Group.
Research shows that people aged 26 to 40 with above-average income are the main consumers of snacks in Russia. According to Ipsos data, most often they eat meat snacks while watching films (51%), as a way to fill up in between meals at home (47%) and outside (40%). People also use snacks as a quick meal while they are out enjoying nature (consumption frequency of 36%) or at work/classes (23%).

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