Miratorg doubles the sheep numbers in pilot farm project


The company also considers creating new closed-type sheep farms in central Russia with the prospect of increasing production up to 33.9 tons per year.

Posted on Apr 10 ,02:27

Miratorg doubles the sheep numbers in pilot farm project

Russian meat producer Miratorg announced that it has doubled the sheep flock in pilot sheep farm project located in Fatezhsky, Kursk region up to 36,000 sheep, twice as many as in March 2018.
Sheep breeding, as a new activity area of the company, effectively complements the production chain and expands the Holding’s product range, informs the company. The pilot project has a target capacity of 3,300 tons of lamb in live weight per year and provides for year-round indoor herd management. “The pilot sheep farm in Kursk region is the first step in implementing a unique large-scale interregional project: nowadays the Agribusiness Holding is considering the possibility of creating new closed-type sheep farms in several regions of the Central Federal District with the prospect of increasing production up to 33,900 tons of products per year,” said the company in a press release.
Indoor herd management has several advantages over traditional grazing on open pastures, according to Miratorg experts: the specialists on the farm constantly monitor the entire production cycle - from insemination to finishing - on one site. This, combined with the use of modern technology for industrial sheep breeding, makes it possible to achieve production efficiency on the level of leading global manufacturers, guarantee high and consistent meat quality, and run a flexible production meeting the market needs.
The project started in March 2018, with 18,000 head. By the end of the year, the flock was 21,000 head and last month 12,000 more ewes were delivered to the farm.

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