Miratorg opens Genomic Selection Center in Domodedovo, Moscow


The facility is part of Skolkovo Innovation Center and ranks among Top 5 global genetic veterinary laboratories.

Posted on May 09 ,10:12

Miratorg opens Genomic Selection Center in Domodedovo, Moscow

Miratorg invested $67.5 million to open a Genomic Selection Center in Domodedovo, Moscow region in order to perform difficult of livestock genomic evaluation and genotyping. Over 400,000 DNA tests per year and genotyping of biological samples of various species (animals, plants and humans) can be done there due to automated equipment and highly qualified specialists, fact that qualifies the facility among Top 5 global genetic veterinary laboratories.
$1.7 million were allocated for unique automated laboratory equipment, as one of the objectives of the Center is establishing a unique reference genetic basis, informs the Russian company. One of the strategic tasks of both Russia and Miratorg is developing livestock selection and breeding programs and reducing the dependence of genetic resources on import. ABH Miratorg has the largest Aberdeen Angus herd in Europe – over 580 thousand heads, and the Company’s breeding stock with high genetics is more than 350 thousand heads. Therefore Miratorg’s nucleus herd is the unique genetic base for genomic selection project which provides the possibility to predict the breeding value of an animal almost immediately after birth and to improve the gene pool of herds in respect of economically important traits.

“The development of the agribusiness complex has a great multiplier effect on the growth of related industries as well as stimulates the development of basic sciences such as biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology. Our project sets a new stage of basic science to make a breakthrough in the most complex branch of agriculture such as selection. The center will work not only for our company but also conduct researches for a wide range of customers. As a result, domestic animal husbandry will be less dependent on imported genetic materials. We expect the breeding efficiency and breeding livestock export will be significantly increased in the medium term”, said Victor Linnik, President of ABH Miratorg.

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