Poland is one step away from restricting halal and kosher meat exports

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A new bill on animal welfare could disrupt the supply chain for those type of products across Europe.

Posted on Feb 12 ,14:00

Poland is one step away from restricting halal and kosher meat exports

Polish lawmakers are preparing to vote on a bill that could restrict halal and kosher meat exports in the future. Poland halal and kosher abattoirs are a source of products for Muslim and Jewish communities across Europe and the new law is already stirring acid reactions from Jewish Association of Europe (EJA), reports Israel National News.

The new bill is focused on animal welfare and, though it doesn't impose a ban on ritual slaughtering, it prohibits slaughtering animals when they are “in an unnatural state,” a stipulation which is thought to mean when they are standing up. "This makes it very difficult to perform kosher slaughter due to some kashrut laws that forbid to apply any pressure on the knife to protect the animal from unnecessary pain", said Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Chairman of EJA.

A vote in favour of the new law could lead to a disruption in halal and kosher meat from Poland. Violation of the restrictions proposed in the bill could be punished with four years in jail. Opponents of the ritual slaughtering say that this method is cruel to the animals but their arguments are contested by the advocates of this cause. Both in Islam and Judaism, religious requirements are asking for the animals to be conscious when their necks are cut. Judaism has a greater number of restrictions than Islam on who may slaughter animals and how. The vote is to be expressed this week.

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