Polish consumers are choosing sausages by weight

67% of the consumers are preferring to buy sausages and salami at counters in the retail chains, shows a Nielsen study conducted in Poland.

Posted on Mar 13 ,09:53

Polish consumers are choosing sausages by weight

67% of the Polish consumers are buying sausages and salami by weight at counters in the supermarkets to select the perfect volume they want, shows the most recent Nielsen study conducted in Poland. "Sausages bought by weight meet the needs of product freshness (freshly cut) and also allow you to buy a small amount of sausage for the next few days. Shops with counters also give the possibility of direct contact with staff who can advise, answer questions about cold cuts, enable product tasting," declared Anna Stawiska, Consumer and Shopper Insights Team Manager at Nielsen Connect Polska for Portalspozywczy magazine.
Pre-packed products are also meet the demand for quality and portioning but the Polish consumer has developed a special attention not only on the product but also for the packaging elements that protect the meat. The amount of plastic used in packaging, attributes such as easy recyclable, and environmental friendly are factors influencing the consumer's decision into buying or rejecting the product, shows the study.

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