Poultry factory in Poland hit by coronavirus outbreak

Hygiene & Biosecurity

233 workers in AMI plant in Mikstat found positive for COVID-19.

Posted on Aug 10 ,10:12

Poultry factory in Poland hit by coronavirus outbreak

One large poultry producer in Poland, AMI, decided to halt the operations in its plant in Mikstat after 233 workers have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus. AMI Board of Directors announced that production in the unit has to stop until disinfection measures and new safety rules will be put in place. The company intends to test all 781 employees on a regular basis to prevent future outbreaks.
AMI is delivering more than 100 products in the Polish and German market, based mainly on goose and duck meat. So far, the producer hasn't presented a date for resuming production and the disinfection could take weeks. In the EU, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and Romania have been confronted with large COVID-19 outbreaks in meat processing units in the last three or four months. In most of the cases, production has stopped to allow the companies to disinfect contaminated areas.

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