Sheep and goat exports from EU to decrease slightly

The latest Agricultural outlook for EU mentions a fierce competition from New Zealand and Australia on Hong Kong and Middle East markets.

Posted on Feb 11 ,08:00

Sheep and goat exports from EU to decrease slightly

The EU sheep and goat flock is expected to grow in the following years following a trend started in 2015, as mentioned in the latest EU Agricultural Outlook. Despite widely diverging developments in the region, the head numbers are expected to slightly increase in the following years. Taking into account the price pressure at world level from New Zealand and Australia in the coming years and the slight increase in domestic demand, EU production is expected to stabilise at around 1 million tonnes.
Last year, EU exports of both meat and live animals continued to rise, although exported quantities were relatively low. Frozen meat exports went mainly to Hong Kong, while live animals were exported to Libya, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon.
Until 2030, EU total exports of sheep and goat are expected to go down slightly to around 50 000 tonnes, limited to existing destinations in the Mediterranean region as the competition for Hong Kong's market is likely to be won by New Zealand and Australia.

(Photo source: Pixabay)

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