Supervac reports big success after Anuga FoodTec trade fair


The company presented the new fully automated line that can be added with several modules for different operations.

Posted on Apr 17 ,13:21

Supervac reports big success after Anuga FoodTec trade fair

The new machines exhibited by Supervac bat Anuga FoodTec 2018 have attracted the interest of the visitors with the technology incorporated into them.
The new development from Supervac allows the processors to combine for the first time features like flexible packaging sizes in a continuous and fully automatic filling and loading process without the need for manual work. Besides the fact that these lines reduce cost with the personnel they also proved to be flexible enough to correlate the production at peak times.
Last but not least, automation used properly can ensure a higher level of hygiene without pausing the production process.

"When the customer desires it, the sub-processes (like the bag filling and machine loading processes) can now or later be further automated in modules. If, for example, the optimal way to operate a large vacuum packaging machine is often carried out with several people for bag filling and for machine loading, then it is possible to save several people with a fully automated line from Supervac. These people may then be better used in other areas of the company. Only one person is required for the operation and monitoring of the plant", informs the company in a press release.

A fully automated line from Supervac can also benefit from adding a cooling tank to it. This machine can be positioned immediately after a shrink tank for the production of shrink packaging and is thus perfect for integration into a modern vacuum packing line. Occupying the smallest possible footprint, after shrinking with hot water the products are immediately cooled down. This prevents colour changes and significantly improves product life, as shown by a university study. The tank’s main areas of application are in the packing of fresh meat.

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