Tonnies plant, the largest COVID-19 cluster in the EU

Hygiene & Biosecurity

1,300 workers found infected at Rheda slaughterhouse. China suspends pork imports from the largest German producers.

Posted on Jun 23 ,04:19

Tonnies plant, the largest COVID-19 cluster in the EU

Negative record for Tonnies, the largest meat producer in Germany, who is confronted with the largest outbreak reported in one single unit across the EU, almost 1,300 workers. Tests have shown that a vast majority of employees at Rheda slaughterhouse have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Most of the workers tested positive for COVID-19 are coming from Romania and Bulgaria and, according to the company, "have been recently visiting their home countries".
By comparison, in the US it is believed to be 13,000 workers infected in 18 meat processing plants. So far, Tonnies outbreak stands as the largest cluster discovered in the EU and some importing countries are already taking cautionary measures until the situation is under control.
Since last week, China has suspended pork imports from Tonnies until further notice. The suspension includes products from the slaughterhouses, cutting plants, and cold stores. The products from Tönnies that have arrived or are about to arrive in Hong Kong will be temporarily suspended by the customs department, according to Xinhua news agency. The activity at Rheda slaughterhouse, the largest unit owned by Tonnies, has been suspended for the next 10 days.

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