Week of the rabbit in Belgium


This year, VLAM, the Flemish Center for Agro and Fisheries Marketing, is challenging Belgians to make surprising recipes with rabbit, from Wednesday 26th of January to Wednesday 2 of February in the "Week of the Rabbit".

Posted on Jan 19 ,08:34

Week of the rabbit in Belgium

Liliane Driesen , spokesperson for VLAM, explains enthusiastically: "When we think of rabbit, we often think of stews from grandmother's kitchen. Super tasty, but you can do so much more with rabbit. How about a spring roll, quesadilla or wrap with rabbit? rabbit'? Or an insanely tasty spring roll? It's all possible with homegrown park rabbit!"

If you want to be sure of your piece of rabbit, choose Belgian rabbit, a guarantee of quality. For example, all rabbits receive only vegetable food consisting of grains and alfalfa. That promotes the welfare of the rabbit! In addition, very strict quality standards are applied during slaughtering, cutting and processing. So you can rest assured that the piece of rabbit you buy is extremely hygienic and tasteful.

Liliane explains: "When you buy a rabbit, check the origin of your rabbit meat. Belgium plays a pioneering role in the field of animal welfare standards. Our Belgian park rabbits enjoy sufficient room to move, receive only vegetable feed and are slaughtered and processed according to the rules of the art. So you don't only buy locally, but also in a more animal-friendly way."

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