VIDEO- "We are exporting about 60% of our production"


Dorothee Bitting, Feldhues Sales Manager, explains the success of the products dedicated mainly to the kids.

Posted on Apr 30 ,09:18

60% of a sausage production appreciated at 10 tons per day is exported by Feldhues in the European countries. The company has to facilities based in Germany and Ireland and is covering markets such as Spain, UK, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden or Poland.
"We are now exporting a lot to Italy. We are exporting about 60% of our production. Our company is producing approximately 5 tons per day in Germany and about the same amount in Ireland. It is a growing market, especially on the products for children because is not yet distributed in all countries", said Dorothee Bitting in an interview for EuroMeatNews.
The German company is using a bear as a logo for their most successful products and Billy, the first character created by Feldhues is already 30 years old. In fact, the animal characters put on the sausages are creating loyal customers over the years, belives Bitting. "We invented Billy 30 years ago so now the parents give their children the products they ate when they were children", mentioned Feldhues Sales Manager.
The design of the Feldhues sausages are adapted to respond to the consumers desire in every market and they are made in a different formula based on pork or poultry in order to respond to everyone's demand.


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