Average pig prices in France stay at €1.3


Live pig prices have remained stable in August, despite the situation in the German market.

Posted on Sep 24 ,10:05

Average pig prices in France stay at €1.3

"Unlike other European countries, where prices have fallen continuously this summer, hog market price in France remained at 1.345 € per kg carcass since July, 19. The German official reference lost 12 cents (per kg carcass) during August under the strong pressure of the packing plants whose meat sales are still very laborious. European competition has been aggressive since the decline in Chinese purchases. The other European places highly connected to the German market dropped too: Netherlands (- 7cts per kg carcass), Belgium (- 7 cts per kg live weight), Austria (- 10 cts per kg). For the last 11 weeks, prices continue to decrease in Spain. It is very unusual for summer," commented Philippe Mallétroit – Director for France, Genesus Inc in his latest market report.
Due to the situation in Germany, a country that fights ASF for the last 12 months, EU pork exports have dropped by 260,000 tonnes. Another decrease in volumes exported fort this year is foreseen by the USDA. It could add 300,000 tonnes to the single market.

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