Beef consumption in Argentina to decline further


Poultry and pork are the meats which are expected to increase their market share over the next 10 years.

Posted on Nov 30 ,10:11

Beef consumption in Argentina to decline further

Argentina is expected to remain a carnivorous market in the following years but the market share for each type of meat is constantly changing for a few years. Per capita consumption in the South American country is one of the largest in the world, between 110-120 kilos per year. Until 30 years ago, 85% of the meat consumed in Argentina was beef. However, in the last few years, poultry and pork have become more popular among inhabitants and experts are expecting to increase their share in the domestic market. "Today in Argentina 116 kilos are consumed per inhabitant per year, of which 50 kilos are beef, between 49 and 50 of chicken and 16 of pork. But this will not remain immobile, he pointed out but rather foresees that “pork will grow 6 or 8 kilos more in the next 10 years, chicken a little more, but not much more, and beef will decrease," market specialist and livestock consultant Victor Tonelli said, according to Explica website.
In his opinion, beef consumption will continue to drop over the next decade until 40 kilos per person and the gap will be captured by 90% by pork and 10% by sheep. "There is diversification and a change in culinary culture. The fall I project for the next ten years is not a problem of relative prices, but rather a change in habits and a replacement in the variety," he explained. That decrease will not be followed by a drop in production as the consultant expects an increase in Argentinian beef exports. Asian markets are expected to increase their demand for Argentinian beef, added the consultant.


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