Brazil hopes to set another record in pork exports


New cases of ASF reported in China and the deficit of pork should support Brazilian pork exports at least until mid-2022.

Posted on May 04 ,11:53

Brazil hopes to set another record in pork exports

Brazil may exceed the volumes of pork exports reported for 2020 due to the high deficit of pork in the Chinese market. At least 10 ASF outbreaks have been reported in China in the last 4 months and the impact in domestic production is going to increase pork imports, predicts Luis Rua, market director for the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA). "It is possible that this year Brazil again exceeds the export record, exceeding 1.021 million tonnes shipped in 2020", he said. According to estimates from USDA, China's pig meat production will increase this year by 14% but that would not be enough to cover the deficit of pork in the domestic market.
According to Luis Rua, before the ASF crisis hit China in 2018, local pork production was around 54 million tonnes/year. At the beginning of this 2021, the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) signaled a Chinese production of 43 million tonnes, a value that has already been revised downwards, now estimated at 40.5 million tonnes, considering the new outbreaks of the disease. and its consequences.

"If the pork production forecast in China is 40.5 million tonnes for this year, they will have to import the rest from somewhere to reach the previously projected 43 million tonnes. Brazil is very well positioned for this and has already moved from 6th to 4th on the list of countries from which China matters most ", he explained. Currently, Spain is the biggest supplier of pork for China, with a market share of 22.5%.

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