Brazil increase the number of destinations for genetic material


Myanmar and the US are markets targeted for embryos, while Argentina shows interest in animal feed.

Posted on Aug 27 ,10:29

Brazil increase the number of destinations for genetic material

Brazil will start exporting genetic material and animal feed to new countries, according to a survey by the Ministry of Agriculture. There were three new openings until the third week of August: possibility to negotiate bovine embryos with Myanmar, equine embryos with the United States and pig tallow for animal feed with Argentina. The portfolio counts 53 actions for opening new markets and also the expansion of products for commercial partners already consolidated since the beginning of the year, compared to 35 last year.
Last month, Egypt allowed imports of Brazilian poultry meat and meat products. Myanmar has released the sale of pork and meat products, bovine semen, live cattle for slaughter, live cattle for breeding, by-products for animal feed in Brazil. Genetic material such as bovine embryos and Brazilian bovine semen were also allowed by Qatar. China opened the market for bovine trimmings from Brazil, while Argentina released the entry of poultry oil intended for animal feed.

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