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Change of suppliers for Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading


The biggest buyer of Australian sheep is now turning to South Africa for livestock imports.

Posted on Sep 23 ,11:55

Change of suppliers for Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading

The biggest buyer of Australian sheep, Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT), also known as Al Mawashi has changed its supplier, as a new live export subsidiary was established in South Africa, similar to Rural Export Trading WA (RETWA) that operates in West Australia.
Establishing operations in South Africa would spell the end to Australia’s 40-year exclusivity arrangement of supplying sheep to KLTT, which was buying up to two-thirds of the 1.8 million Australian sheep exported each year, reports The West Australian newspaper.
The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, of which RETWA is a member, confirmed it was aware of Al Mawashi’s decision to establish operations in South Africa.

“Al Mawashi’s announcement to the Kuwait Stock Exchange confirms what the company has foreshadowed for many months; namely that it will continue to seek out reliable sources of live sheep in the future,” an ALEC spokesperson said.

“We respect Al Mawashi’s decision, but from an Australian perspective we want to ensure that our producers continue to have access to crucial markets in the Middle East by demonstrating we are a reliable, ethical and competitive supplier of healthy, high-quality sheep.”
The decision follows a huge scandal regarding the livestock condition of transportation to Middle East countries and the transporter, Australian company Emanuel, lost its license.
For the moment, KLTT didn't make any comment on this decision, but, a few months ago, chief executive Osama Boodai warned the firm was looking to diversify its suppliers.

“We need a reliable, 12-month-a-year supply, and if we can’t get it from Australia, we’ll be forced to look elsewhere — not just for the (Northern Hemisphere) summer, but for the whole year,” Mr Boodai said.

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