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Czech authorities find new cases of salmonella in Polish chicken

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Part of the meat was served in restaurants in a mall in Pardubice and the rest was secured by the veterinary watchdog.

Posted on Apr 12 ,07:13

Czech authorities find new cases of salmonella in Polish chicken

Two more batches of salmonella-infected chicken were discovered in the Czech Republic and the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) confirmed that the meat was originated from Poland.
It is the second time this month when salmonella-infected chicken imported from Poland is found on the Czech market after, on April 2, SVS confirmed the existence of the bacteria in a batch of almost 500 kilos. This time, the volume is similar (540 kg) and the batches were shipped to two restaurants in the AFI Palace shopping center in Pardubice (240 kg), where 115 kilos have already been served in dishes to customers and the remaining part stored in cold stores will be disposed of.
The second 300-kg lot was fully secured in a cold store in the province of Hradec, close to the Polish border. "We do not have any information at this time that any of the consumers have had health problems due to the consumption of this meat", said Peter Vorliczek, spokesman for SVS. The Czech veterinary services emphasize that with sufficient heat treatment of meat and compliance with basic hygiene rules, the risk of infecting consumers with salmonella is minimal.
Last month, the Czech authorities have imposed emergency controls on beef imports from Poland due to a 700-kg delivery of Polish beef infected with salmonella. In this case, a similar measure has not been yet announced.

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