Denmark wants a new bill on plastic waste

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We incinerate too much waste and we recycle too little, says Environment Minister Lea Wermelin.

Posted on May 18 ,12:04

Denmark wants a new bill on plastic waste

Denmark is ready to make a bold move on plastic waste and the current bill may be soon changed to avoid further costs for incineration plants. 370,000 tonnes of plastic waste is incinerated per year in Denmark. If initiatives are not taken to reduce emissions, the incineration plants are expected to account for 1.5 million tonnes of CO2 in 2030. This corresponds to approx. 3.6% of national discharges. The Danish government is now proposing several initiatives to ensure much more recycling and much less combustion. The vision is a climate-neutral waste sector in 2030 and the goal is to remove 80 percent of the plastic waste from the incineration plants in 2030. One of the initiatives is to streamline waste sorting - both at home and at work. So it becomes easier when much more waste has to be sorted for recycling. It must be done in the same way no matter where in the country one is and it should be close to home.
"We incinerate too much waste and we recycle and recycle too little. Plastic from e.g. meat trays, shampoo bottles and clothes end up in the wild or are burnt by and emit CO2, so recycling plastic is an important part of solving the climate crisis. That is why we now ask the Danes to sort more waste and make a green difference at the trash," stated Environment Minister Lea Wermelin in a press release.
The officials are also considering limiting the import of foreign waste in the future. "It is foolish that we import large quantities of waste in Denmark. We must reverse the trend, so we import and burn far less and recycle far more. Denmark is in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. We also need to think new, reinvent and seize the opportunity for green track change. More recycling, strengthened circular economy and less combustion are a key step in that direction," added Climate Minister Dan Jorgensen.

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