Eat at home - the new trend in a post-COVID19 era


Asian consumers said they are more willing now to eat at home than they did before the coronavirus outbreak.

Posted on May 05 ,07:55

Eat at home - the new trend in a post-COVID19 era

Consumption habits in Asia are to be reshaped in a post-COVID era, according to a survey from IGD Asia. Eating at home will be the new trend in this region, which may change the outlook for the foodservice sector. The survey shows that a high share of consumers claimed they prefer to eat at home more often now than they did in the pre-COVID period. The trend can be seen in several Asian markets but is much more pronounced in China (86%) and Hong Kong (77%). In other markets such as South Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam the trend can be seen in 62% of the population.
"The shift away from out-of-home dining to at-home food delivery and cooking during the outbreak is likely to continue. This presents an opportunity for FMCG companies to reinvigorate the growth by engaging consumers for this new stay-at-home occasion. As consumers spend more time cooking at home with families, they are re-evaluating their eating habits. COVID-19 has reoriented consumer thinking and actions, which will have long-term consequences," said the team who conducted the market research.
Part of the success that home eating is enjoying in the markets that have surpassed the peak of the outbreak is the new look of the foodservice sector, with social distancing measures still in-place and many restaurants going out of business. Also, income challenges for those that were under lockdown may influence their decision to eat at home.

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