Finnish company invests €3.4 million in its poultry production capacity


The Finnish meat producer Atria is investing €3.4 million in its production facilities at Nurmo and Sahalahti.

Posted on Sep 22 ,10:02

Finnish company invests €3.4 million in its poultry production capacity

Atria will add new technical solutions to its facilities in order to improve the export opportunitites of Finnish chicken meat.

The project will be implemented starting with the end of 2018 and in spring 2019 by the end of May. The company expects to introduce the new production line step by step in spring.

Matti Perälä, Director of Atria Finland's Poultry business, said the company has taken the decision of expanding its production after it noticed that the demand for poultry products and poultry-based products is growing strongly.

Poultry consumption is expected to increase further at an annual rate of 3%.

Perälä added that the new investment will focus also on increasing the production capacity for boneless products.

The new production lines make it possible to extend individual traceability to all products. Atria said in a statement that particular attention is paid to work ergonomy and occupational safety in new production lines.

Atria is the leading meat and food company in the Nordic countries, Russia and Estonia.

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