French consumers are going flexitarian


An INTERBEV - IPSOS study reveals two key concepts about food: pleasure and good health.

Posted on Feb 20 ,05:05

French consumers are going flexitarian

Dietary habits in France are trending to flexitarianism as the consumers are seeking pleasure in the food they eat (53%) and good health (49%), according to a study delivered this month by INTERBEV and IPSOS.
According to the study, French people are interested in the quality of the food they buy (83%), to their impact on health (77%), the origin of these products (76%), and a balanced diet (76%). Meat (beef, veal, lamb or pork) is consumed at least 3 times a week, poultry is part of their menu at least 2 times a week, eggs and fish are served 2 times a week as well, while fruit and vegetables are consumed on daily bases.
Many of the respondents are convinced that their current diet meets their requirements: to be really happy (82%), to have all the essential nutrients (77%), to preserve their health and well-being (76%) and respect the environment (58%).
96% of the respondents are declaring themselves omnivores by not avoiding meat or fish in their plates. Even if their dietary habits are similar to what nutritionist are calling "flexitarianism", 65% of them have not heard that word before but they still pay attention to the quality products (84%), the sanitary controls carried out from the places of production up to sales outlets (74%), as well as to animal welfare (63%).
Another fact revealed by the study is that 85% of the French consumers cook their meals themselves with unprocessed products.

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