Garra International will trade Brazilian duck meat to the Middle East

Brazilian exports of the product in USD reached a record last year, but, according to the animal trading company, there is potential to sell even more

Posted on May 19 ,09:47

Garra International will trade Brazilian duck meat to the Middle East

Seen as a delicacy, duck meat has been increasing its share among Brazilian exports. Last year, for example, 3,600 tons were shipped, a record in US dollars (USD 13.1 million). The product, which has high potential and constant growth, caught the attention of Garra International, an animal protein trading company which closed an agreement in March to sell it in the Middle East.

At first, Villa Germânia Alimentos, one of the largest producers of duck meat in Latin America, will be the sole provider. The operation will have a restricted start – in order to test and understand the market –, but with plans for volume expansion in the medium term. Within three months, the first products will begin to be sold in countries such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. 

The first conversations regarding the partnership between Garra and Villa Germânia happened in Gulfood, the main food and beverage fair in the Middle East, which was held in February. The company's objective is to increase its revenue in the region by USD 50 million (or 40%) in the next 12 months.

“Countries from North Africa and the Middle East are currently the destination of 65% of our exports, including chicken, beef, lamb, mutton and, now, duck”, says Matias Hees, CCO of Garra. “After all, we are talking about a market of 400 million people, which has increased its purchasing power and, consequently, its consumption of animal protein. Naturally, this also includes more sophisticated products, such as duck meat”.

Globally, duck meat exports reached 270,000 tons in 2020, with a revenue of USD 1.1 billion, according to market research firm IndexBox. The biggest buyers were, respectively, Germany, Hong Kong and France, while the main sellers were Hungary, China and Poland.

About Garra

Garra is a trading company that combines expertise and an international network of contacts to create relevant connections between the two ends of the animal protein supply chain, buyers and suppliers. Founded 26 years ago, the company has operations in more than ten countries and clients in about 60 markets. Garra offers complete solutions, including customized financial conditions, to maximize revenue in each operation.  

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