Increase in Spanish sheepmeat exports


Countries in the EU market are the main destination for sheepmeat produced in Spain.

Posted on Mar 09 ,12:46

Increase in Spanish sheepmeat exports

Spanish sheepmeat exports have increased by 5.8% in 2019 reaching a volume of 45,810 tonnes, according to data released by the Secretary of State for Commerce of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. However, France and Italy are remaining the two main destinations for sheepmeat produced in Spain, both countries accounting for 51.6% of total exports. They are followed by Portugal (1,845 tonnes), United Kingdom (1,823 tonnes), Greece (1,786 tonnes), Denmark (1,784 tonnes), Qatar (1,415 tonnes), the Netherlands (1,414 tonnes), Kuwait (1,348 tonnes), Saudi Arabia (1,282 tonnes), Oman (1,168 tonnes) and Germany (1,046 tonnes).
On the other hand, increased production of lamb and mutton helped to reduce the imports of sheepmeat in the Spanish market from 8,498 tonnes in 2018 to 7,771 tonnes last year. The main suppliers were Italy (1,454 tonnes), France (1,292 tonnes) and Greece (1,062 tonnes), New Zealand (764 tonnes) and Iceland (514 tonnes). The sector is to benefit from financial support granted by the EC in an internationalization program that is to start in 2021. According to Interovic, the interprofessional group in the Spanish ovine sector, a marketing campaign for Spanish sheepmeat is to be rolled out in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the UAE and Saudi Arabia from 2021 to 2023.

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