Kenya opens a livestock quarantine centre to increase exports


The African country is targeting markets in the Middle East and Central Asia.

Posted on Apr 10 ,03:15

Kenya opens a livestock quarantine centre to increase exports

The Kenyan Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA) intends to open a livestock export quarantine centre in Tana River county to help pastoralist in the country to open new markets for livestock exports such as countries located in Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia.
The investment is estimated at $20.8 million and it should be operational by the end of the year. "In the first seven years, at least three million heads of cattle are expected to be placed in the quarantine for fattening for up to 18 months. This is expected to grow to five million in the eighth to ten years," according to the authority's 10-year strategy plan, quoted by local media.
The Livestock Service Provider says the country has the capacity to export 5 million heads of livestock a year but for the moment they have established a market to export at least 1 million sheep and goats and 100,000 cattle.
Kenya's livestock exports currently face stiff competition from Somalia, Djibouti, and Sudan which however do not fatten and finish their livestock before export. At the end of the program, revenues are expected to reach $200 million annually.

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