Mexican pork exports in China to double in 2020


The volumes are expected to jump from 30,000 tonnes to 60,000 tonnes.

Posted on Jun 12 ,00:45

Mexican pork exports in China to double in 2020

A list of 18 Mexican packing plants are expecting the green light for export from the Chinese authorities and that could double the volume of pork exported in the Asian country. Pork meat exports in 2019 were 30,000 tons, an increase of 1,000%. Previously, we exported a lot to Japan, the United States, Korea, and now the second most important market is China"," said Juan Carlos Anaya, general director of the Agricultural Market Consulting Group, after presenting his report on the Agri-Food Outlook 2020.
However, most of the pork that will be added will consist of offal, according to the National Service of Health, Safety, and Quality (Senasica).
"The chief director of Senasica, Francisco Javier Trujillo Arriaga, announced that the negotiation with China for shipping pork offal is progressing and only the health authority of the Asian country is expected to endorse the list of 18 Mexican packing plants," informs Fernando Ortiz, Genesus Ibero-America Business Development Manager, in his latest global report.
The Mexican pork industry has been hardly impacted by the coronavirus crisis and is facing a crisis if the Federal government is not offering fast some aid for the producers. "In Mexico, pork producers have been affected by Covid-19 in much the same way as their US and Canadian counterparts. Lots of new measures at farms and packing plants, combined with social distancing and the need to quarantine infected workers has resulted in a drop of market hogs showing up at packing plants. While the federal government has offered some aid to Canada’s entire agriculture industry, even though pork producers declared it was completely insufficient, same story in the US, in Mexico, most of the financial support that existed to incentivize the swine industry has been removed, leaving the sector short of resources, and facing a crisis, such as the current one," added Mr. Ortiz.

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