Millennials are cutting out meat from their diet


A new poll shows that almost half of them are leaving meat out of the menu.

Posted on Feb 05 ,10:00

Millennials are cutting out meat from their diet

Millennials seem to be the generation that could change what we know about meat industry and consumption. Representing one of the most powerful groups of consumers in the U.S., with nearly 25 percent of the population falling under this segment, Millennials have a trillion dollars in buying power, as reported by One Green Planet. Also, they seem genuinely concern about the environmental impact of the meat businesses.
The trend of cutting out meat from the menu is now found in young adults from all over the world. A recent poll for The Grocer in the UK showed that "more than four in ten young adults are worried about eating meat or have cut it out of their diets altogether.". 38% of the respondents with ages between 18-24 manifested a great concern to the environmental issue. By contrast, only 20% of the people with ages 55+ mentioned that in the poll.
A similar trend is growing in the US, where 33% of the millennials are now on "meat-free" diets and more than 60% of that group of consumers are developing a taste for the vegan gastronomy, looking more often for meat alternatives products.

(Photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

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