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New Zealand consumption of red meat is decreasing


In the last years, the veganism movement gained field among the locals and the red meat consumption is declining.

Posted on Feb 06 ,11:00

New Zealand consumption of red meat is decreasing

New Zealanders are now eating less red meat than a decade ago, according to a recent study released by Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development and UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. Also, a 2016 ANZ Roy Morgan poll discovered that 1 in 10 locals has adopted a vegan diet which represents a 27% increase in 5 years. The increase is not as visible as in UK or USA, where veganism is a growing trend between millennials, but indicates a change in consumer habits.

The OECD an FAO study also points out that New Zealanders are not ready yet to quit the taste of meat from their meals. According to the data released by the organisations chicken and pork consumption per capita grew slightly in the recent years while the meat consumption has declined by over 25 kilograms. Some analyst believes that this change is expressing the concern showed by the consumers to the environmental issues regarding meat industry.

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