Piglet demand in the EU is calming


However, major producers in the bloc have reported a jump in prices over the first three months of the year.

Posted on Apr 06 ,10:54

Piglet demand in the EU is calming

Weaner and piglet market in the EU has calmed recently on the continent due to an easing in EU finished pig prices, according to AMI, a German agricultural market information company. At the end of March, the average price in the EU market stood at €72.56/head, up nearly €8/head since the start of the year, said Hannah Clarke, AHDB analyst, in her latest report.
"The price would typically strengthen in the first quarter of the year, but it has been performing particularly well over the last few months, after a strong finish to 2019. The price has since dipped from a peak of €74.65/head in the week ending 15 March but is still up around €25/head on the year and the five-year average. Supply and demand for finished pigs and piglets is reportedly more balanced now, following surges in consumer demand and panic buying a few weeks ago," she said.
Several major producers in Europe, such as Poland and Spain, have reported large increases in prices since the beginning of the year. Spain added €10.57, the Polish market is up by €14.66, and Germany reported a rise of €7.60. Other EU member states have reported a smaller rise in prices: France (€1.00), Denmark (€2.54), Belgium (€3.00) and the Netherlands (€4.25). Since the ASF crisis in China, weaner prices in Europe have exploded, growing from €23-25 at the end of 2018 to the current level.

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