Reinert opens the Polish market for antibiotic-free products


Cured meat products made by the German producer have been launched in five retail chains.

Posted on Oct 10 ,06:55

Reinert opens the Polish market for antibiotic-free products

Reinert has announced since the beginning of this year a new line of pork products made from the meat supplied by Danish Crown pigs reared without the use of antibiotics.
The first test was made in Germany, where many consumers are showing concerns about antibiotic resistance. "We have launched a range of cold cuts where the meat comes from pigs which have never been treated with antibiotics, and at the same time we're urging the entire meat industry to discuss how we can address the challenges associated with the use of antibiotics", mentioned the company's CEO Hans-Ewald Reinert.
In Poland, the Antibiotic-Free (ABF) products are distributed by Prime Food, under the Goodvalley banner, through five large retail chains. "There is definitely a moment to build such a market in Poland. We see that Poles are looking for this type of products, so we are building this category here. Our meat from breeding without the use of antibiotics is available in the largest retail chains as a fixed assortment item. The product is also tested by selected Biedronka stores in larger cities" says PaweĊ‚ Nowak, Managing Director of Goodvalley.
In 2014, Danish Crown launched a pilot project on the island of Bornholm in order to find out the extent to which it is possible to rear pigs without the use of antibiotics and without compromising animal welfare. In the first phase, 60% of pigs manage without being treated with antibiotics simply by changing a number of routines in the pig buildings.
In 2017, Danish Crown reported a number of 200,000 ABF pigs slaughtered, but selling all parts of the pig has been a challenge. From this perspective, the launch of a range of products based on raw materials from Danish Crown marks a breakthrough for ABF pig production.

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